Your questions answered

Is there any housing included in the scheme
NO, there is no housing included.

Are there any job opportunities ?
A 20,000 sq.m second phase of the Science and Technology Park is planned as part of the project to continue the successes in attracting high technology companies to relocate. The Sports Village will also create a number of jobs involved with the running and administration of the facilities. 

Will the natural environment be affected?
The area will be sensitively landscaped and existing features retained to enhance its natural beauty. Over 40 acres of the site will be allocated to a dedicated nature conservation area to ensure the wildlife habitat and rich biodiversity of the site is retained and allowed to develop. In addition there will be areas of major planting around the buildings.

What about transport, traffic and parking?
It is within easy walking and cycling distance from the Town Centre and will also be served by a bus shuttle service. There are also excellent road and rail links that will make the site easily accessible to visitors from further a field. The site will be accessed via two proposed new access roads, the junctions being controlled by a traffic light system.

A new access road junction will be formed off the A48, and the existing Technology Drive (serving the technology park, and accessed from Ewenny Road), will be extended onto the site. There will be a car parking provision of around 1700 spaces intended for day to day use, and a provision for satellite car parking on big match days to minimise the amount of traffic entering and leaving the site.  

This is a massive boost for the area, when could it be open?
Our aim is to ensure the Island Farm Sports Village main stadium is opened towards the end of 2012, in line with the London Olympic Games when sporting interest will be on a high and in readiness for the 2013 Rugby League World Cup Series.

YOU and Island Farm

Island Farm could be one of the most impressive sporting centres in the UK and a hub of activity for the entire South Wales area.

Whether you anticipate using the site as a club or amateur player, in training or an avid supporter, the facilities on offer to you will be comprehensive, easy to access and of the highest quality.

One of the main advantages of the Island Farm development is that it offers such a diversity of top sporting and leisure facilities all on one site. This means that whether during the weekend or weekday , the whole family can enjoy their own favourite activity and still make the visit together. Less time travelling in the car making drop offs and pick


The family experience

Alun has followed the Celtic Crusaders since they went to the Super League. He travels to away matches but loves it when the team is at home. Everything they need to make it a really memorable experience is all here.

Claire takes a quick trip into Bridgend town for shopping as soon as they’ve parked the car as it’s only a short walk. Returning to Island Farm she takes a leisurely stroll around the site taking in the peace and tranquillity of its natural surroundings before stopping for a cappuccino in one of the cafes.

Will, 11 years old, has heaps of energy. He dreams of being a professional footballer and already plays wing for the school team. He has a raw and natural talent that is being encouraged with coaching sessions held on the floodlight pitches. It allows his imagination to run wild and he’s sure that one day he’ll be playing in the Premier league.

Imogen, 15, is Will’s sister. She’s always loved tennis but up until now this has meant a few rare trips to Cardiff, when time allows. Now she has fantastic facilities on her doorstep and her parents no longer have to make the 65-mile round trip. Imogen plays in the indoor centre with her friends. It’s the highlight of her week. She may never make Wimbledon, but she takes part in regional competitions and thrives on the buzz.

At Island Farm there are unrivalled sporting and leisure opportunities for everyone, whatever the level in Bridgend.